Marty Longtime Mascot of Mount Washington Observatory Dies WAWW

At 6,288 meters above sea level, Mount Washington is known to many travelers and posters in the northern part of New Hampshire, because it is the highest point in the northeast, and some consider it the worst in the world. . “

I have had a cat for about nine decades. Rebecca Soland, a politician at the Mount Washington Observatory, said Marty, the black main mushroom who organized the summit in 2008, died on Saturday from an “unexpected illness”. Marty said he was 14 years old. 15.

Marty works at the Observatory with ten-minute meteorologists and practitioners, a non-profit organization that collects simple weather data every hour of the day. “I think their eyes are green and I’m sure they are green,” said Schuland, head of the observatory. “Nice long, smooth tail.”

He said There were a few days when you rubbed your feet and wanted to sit on your lap while doing all your chores On other occasions, he added, people would greet his tail in the air and have fun with him like the tallest cat in New England

Schuland, a resident of the Broad Island who attended the summit in 2010 as a prisoner, said that Marty would spread his love in a unique way. “I love you every week and I will not come to you next week,” he said. “Normal cat.”

Although more than a quarter of a million people attend the summit in the summer, Schuland said it would become an “Arctic island” in the winter. Winter is severe inside the observatory, which is located inside a huge concrete structure built at the foot of the Mountain If you’Ve seen it Shine Before It looks like the peaks are Very Close he Said

“In winter, we usually get wind every three days, usually at least 100 kilometers per hour at least once a week,” Schulant said. “We have vision when we really can’t, we don’t.” “Also,” cold water that freezes the touch. “

Often these drops of frozen water destroy organs and cause organ damage. He explained, “Actually, the main reason for the existence of such a large human component is because we are here to create things that work to cool our equipment.”

Therefore, in an effort to protect the team, when working groups visit weekly and occasionally, they try to focus on specific references to the superficial world.

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“You have a lot to do with people,” Schland said, staying up. “You think internet communication and phone calls are communication with people.” Like everyone involved in shipwrecks at the Zoom Party, I can say that’s not enough.

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