bitcoins sumiram e os investidores querem saber: cadê o defunto

In the rapid rise of recent years, cryptocurrencies fuel the appetite of investors round the world every February. At an equivalent time, either the department takes a series of confrontations, or wakes up deaf and controls the continuation of the wave.

Surrounded by controversy or a recent case involving Quadriga CX, one among the leading encryption platforms in Canada. More specifically, after the death of its founder, Gerald Cotten.

In January of this year, the corporate announced via a Facebook post that Cotten had died quite 30 years earlier, during a visit to India, a victim of complications thanks to Croença.

On Friday the 13th, a gaggle of Quadriga CX users entered as an invitation , along side the Canadian authorities, for the exhumation of the Cotten House. Both documents justify that the aim is to verify an identity and a explanation for death, “given the questionable circumstances surrounding the death of two affected users.”

Some points are supported or requested and suspended by what the employer are going to be misled to death. the most confusing element, no less strange, is that the incontrovertible fact that Cotten is, inexplicably, the sole person with access to digital wallets with a minimum of $ 180,000 C ($ 137,000) invested in cryptocurrencies, consistent with the network. British BBC.
In this context, not in early April, the corporate filed for cover against the disappearance of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. Or Ernst & Young (EY) was proudly appointed to oversee or draft it. A story produced by the corporate , published jointly, finds new information that strengthens the doubts about the case.

The document reinforces that the activities focused on the corporate and explained the company’s failures and not that it claimed to suits financial and operational controls. The audit also reveals that user money managed by Quadriga is getting used for other purposes. And he points out that the businessman can withdraw “significant resources” from the platform, because EV didn’t find any excuse.

A Cotten woman, Jennifer Robertson, told a lawyer it had been sort of a “broken heart” to listen to the request from two users. which after the death of her husband shouldn’t be doubted.

Founded in 2013 and based in Vancouver, Quadriga was already a source of questions before the death of its founder, as a series of litigation and litigation cases. In January 2018, for instance , the Imperial Bank of Commerce of Canada (CIBC) froze $ 30 million in equity because it did not identify its owners.

Lose and damage

Ή a replacement chapter within the Quadriga CX epic, a date of 1 year during which cryptocurrencies aren’t at the middle of other controversies. consistent with US consulting company Cipher Trace, the department-related fraud caused quite $ 4.26 million in injuries within the half alone. In total or in 2018, as he lost $ 1.7 billion in housing.

The list of scams and biases related to the revealed encryption has not been found in examples from various countries. In Israel, two brothers are jailed for stealing quite $ 100 million in cryptocurrencies through sites that mimic large-scale exchanges.

Malta-based Binance platform has stolen quite $ 40 million from cybercriminals. Other similar cases occur in places like Japan, the uk , Netherlands and Singapore.

However, two more iconic recent examples are OneCoin, a corporation led by Ruja Ignatova that has been proclaimed the “queen of cryptocurrencies” and a cryptocurrency to compete with bitcoin.

Between August 2014 and March 2017, a corporation raised about 4 4 billion ($ 21 billion). Since then, Ruja has simply disappeared, as have two payments made to investors.

Or even Brazil incorporates this map of confusion. Two main cases concern the Bitcoin Bank Group (GBB), founded by businessman Claudio Oliveira, who, accidentally or not, was convicted of worshiping someone from the King of Bitcoin.

Accused of fraud, he has been accepting two users of his mediators, NegocieCoins and TemTBC since March, or the group is facing a series of lawsuits and, not in early November, has filed a lawsuit for recovery.

“Because cryptocurrencies are an excellent idea and that they are a part of the businesses during this market and that they are touched by the proper agents and agents,” says Rubens Neistein, BlockMaster CEO and department specialist. “But ep

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