Another Mysterious string of 1,000 ‘satoshi Era Bitcoins mined in 2010 Moved today

On November 7 at approximately 12:37 a.m. (EST), another chain of so-called “inactive bitcoin” moved for the primary time since 2010. The strange move came from 20 blocks in 2010 with about 1,000 BTC spent ($ 15.5 million) on one block.

** Update at 10:20 a.m. EST: Seven hours before November 6, 2020, the 2010 Coin Base prize was transferred to July 29. This block reward, when included with the 20 block rewards spent within the amount of block 655,788, would provides a total of 21 block rewards spent. The last major coin reward chains that passed in mid-March and mid-October also won 21 massive rewards. **

2020 was a wild year and within the world of Bitcoin it had been no different. This year saw an outsized number of bitcoin addresses from a decade ago, often mentioned as “inactive bitcoin” or “zombie currencies”. On October 14, reported on an old coin reward spent after spending a series of 21 massive rewards on October 11.

After spending on October 14, there have been four additional currency rewards since 2010. Days later, on October 17, 25, 29 and October 1, about 200 BTCs are transferred since 2010.

None of the tiny transfers within the last fortnight coincided with the large transfer of 21 lockout awards since 2010 on October 11th. The last row of 21 blocks also coincided with an equivalent spending pattern that happened the previous March 12, also referred to as Black Thursday. The previous day, March 11, 2020, 21 coinbase 2010 awards were carried along side the corresponding forks.

This went on to the present day, when another large series of major coin rewards was renewed on Saturday morning. The 20 blocks of 2010 were originally recorded by researchers from the blockchain portal

About 00:37 for a couple of minutes, 20 blocks haven’t been spent since 2010. As of this writing, the 1000 BTCs transferred are worth about $ 15.5 million using the present exchange rates. The owner of the 20 blocks also passed the corresponding bitcoin cash blocks (BCH). However, at the instant , the corresponding bitcoin blockv (BSV) isn’t spent and remains inactive.

The 20 BTC blocks of 2010 were spent within the amount of block 655,788 on November 7, 2020. All rewards from the bitcoin cash (BCH) monetary base (worth $ 250,000) were consolidated in one direction. The $ 15.5 million BTC or $ 999.99 BTC was consolidated into one address then the coins were sent to other addresses in fractions.

Similar to the so-called “sleeping bitcoin wake chains” in mid-March and October, the 20 blocks in 2010 spent on November 7th probably belonged to an equivalent owner. Data from Blockchair’s Blockchain Privacy-o-Meter explorer shows that the present charge of 1,000 BTC was sent with a high “100” privacy score.

All block rewards spent on Saturday morning were raised in August, September and October 2010. The blockchain are often viewed on, but the “(No)” Satoshi bag tracker “on portal shows also the commercial chain of 2010 from a graphic point of view.

So far, from our intense research conducted in recent weeks, has reported about 80 huge reward investments since 2010 worth over $ 62 million using current exchange rates.

There is no certainty on why the so-called “inactive bitcoins” of the Satoshi era are moving today or whether the coins are being sold on the open market.

What does one believe the 20 blocks of 2010 that were transferred on the morning of Saturday, November 7? Tell us your opinion about this story within the comments section below.

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